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What We Believe

The Gospel of Jesus Christ / On Becoming a Christian / Living the Christian Life

The most important questions we will ever ask revolve around the brief life we have here on earth and if there is any life beyond the grave.  How will we live the relatively brief years we have here and what guides / influences will we have and use?  Is there life beyond the grave, and if so, of what nature is it?  And, vitally important, if God is real and He is here, how does His presence impact these questions? 

We need answers, we need them now, and we need them to be the truth!!

Believing the Bible to be God's Word we briefly answer the questions with the following six phrases and explanatory statements.

The God of the Bible is our Creator and Provider

God is the Creator of this world and the giver of life to all that lives.  In the original creation of the world, including man, it was all good and pure in His sight.  God also made provision for all that man would need and desire, including His own presence.

Our first parents, Adam and Eve, rebelled against God and plunged the world into sin and all the consequences that have flowed from it.

Adam and Eve lived in the perfect environment God created and were to honor and serve the Lord God, but being tempted to put themselves above God they rebelled.  The good relationship with God was lost, life became hard, sinful behavior permeated much of their living, death came into the world, and God's righteous judgment befell us all.

Redemption was provided by God through Jesus Christ

God might well have left us to His judgment and condemnation, but He did not do so.  His provision for fallen man was a redemption secured by the atoning work of Jesus Christ, His eternal Son who upon Himself human flesh, and who applies His redemptive life to those in whom He enables faith.

Faith and repentance are required by God and enabled by God

It is required of us that in this life we acknowledge to God our sin against Him and our personal need of Christ's redemptive work.  We must come to Christ trusting in Him as our Redeemer and repenting of our sins against God.

Growth toward spiritual maturity is expected by God and enabled by Him

When God gives us life in Jesus Christ He also calls us to love and serve Him in and with our lives.  As we seek to do so in accord with His Word and enabled by His Spirit, we grow in Christ toward a maturity that is made complete in heaven.

Heaven or hell lies beyond the grave - the eternal perspective

There is life beyond the grave and it is eternal in its duration!  Will we live before God in the joy of heaven, or be separated from Him by His wrath in the place the Bible calls hell?  Apart from Christ there is only the wrath of eternal condemnation, but in Christ, by God's grace, there is life eternal with Christ in His restored kingdom!